GE Visualizes the Cost of Getting Sick

GE worked together with Seed Visualization under the direction of Ben Fry on a way to visualize the cost of health. The outcome is simple and easy to use, but is it eloquent enough to show the facts as intended? The data driving the visualization is a compination of Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) and 500’000 records from GE’s proprietary database.


The result is an interactive Polar Area Pie Chart created in Processing. The wedges are color-coded representing chronic conditions. The size is is calculated by the radius (showing the costs) and the angle (showing the perecentage of patients suffering from the condition). The costs are divided in costs for the individual and the insurer. Numerical information about the costs is shown once a wedge is selected. A slider let’s the user select an age and focus the data on a specific age.

I’d like to direct you to a great article from Robert Kosara from discussing the usefulness of the visualization.

Hat tip to FlowingData & Infosthetics

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