“Gitter” is visualizing GitHub with code_swarm

Ilya Grigorik from igvita.com has created a visualization of the usage of GitHub. He used code_swarm to show the organic growth of a software developement process.

Project components

  • The field this visualization takes place in is software developement visualization. The goal is to understand how software is built by showing code, commits, contributors, connections, calls, classes – the mighty “c” words gang, you see. During our studies at the IAD program, we’ve digged deep in this field and came up with a variety of possible solutions. You can find the documentation of my own project at artillery.ch.
  • The analyzed data comes from GitHub, a superb code hosting platform that has rised to stardom in the community lately. For the visualization Ilya used the GitHub API to look up all the public repositories and to create a timeline of all the made commits to the repos.
  • Let’s take a short look at code_swarm: The best description of code_swarm is ‘organic software visualization’.

    It eschews traditional data confinement in space and lets the elements play together in freeform and unpredictable ways.

The code_swarm code is open-source and available at Google Code and the official project website is at vis.cs.ucdavis.edu/~ogawa/codeswarm sporting some videos of well known software projects (Apache, Eclipse, Python).

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