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After Just Landed, Jer Thorp created another Visualization of data from While Just Landed displayed the data on a 2D map, Good Morning! goes the 3D route to represent Tweets containing the phrase “Good Morning”.

GoodMorning! is a Twitter visualization tool that shows about 11,000 ‘good morning’ tweets over a 24 hour period, rendering a simple sample of Twitter activity around the globe. The tweets appear as blocks and are colour-coded. Green tweets are early in the morning, orange tweets are at about 9am, and red tweets are later in the morning. Black tweets are ‘out-of-time’ messages (sent at times that aren’t in the morning at that location).

One of the hardest problems to takle while playing with Twitter data is the lack of accurate geo-data. As a result of inaccurate location in the profiles there’s always a large amount of tweets coming from the same place representing the average location for a country or continent. We can’t wait for Twitter to include real geo-data in their API results to improve the usefulness of visualizations like this.

Good Morning! is built in Processing using Twitter4J and the geo-parsing APIs from MetaCarta.

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