How Do You Visualize Progress?

Fernanda Cozzi, a graphic designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina strived to analyze and display her professional achievements during her studies. The result is a set of analytical schemes of concepts and projects developed in college. The first visualization shows the work made in the first quarter and the second shows one complete year. Both visualizations include objective and subjective aspects, representing a personal interpretation of the obtained knowledge and achieved results.

Esquema 1Esquema 1 DetailEsquema 2


The visualization below is one of the school projects created by Fernanda during the analyzed year. It’s an interpretation of the story “Las Ménades” by Julio Cortázar. The idea was to recreate certain aspects and generate a general view of characters and events of the story.

Esquema 3

Admittedly I don’t fully understand all of the visualized information (mostly due to a lack of linguistic proficiency). But I am intrigued by the self-reflective nature and the form-factor of the work.

How Do You Visualize Progress? If you like what you see, you can find more work of Fernanda Cozzi on the Behance Network or on Flickr.

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