Impress – tactile touchscreen

Impress is a tactile touchscreen created by Silke Silsing from FH Würzburg. The prototype was built using pressure sensitive sensors and foam as the carrier material. The projection comes from above. The application is using Processing and the Arduino to process and project the data.

Project description

Impress is the deliverance of the touch screen from its technical stiffness, coldness and rigidity. It breaks the distance in the relationship of human and technology, because it is not any longer the user which is subjected to technology, but in this case the display itself has to cave in to the human. Impress is a chance of approach of user and technology, above all, from technology.


Beside the tactile quality of such a display there’s one thing that caught my attention and opens up a new interaction model for visualizations:

Filtering by modifying the surface itself. Data representations gain one more dimension to display their qualities. Beside color, form or animation a designer could define a behaviour based on the weight. Imagine a relative idleness or reactivity from objects to user-modifications. Let us know what you think in the comments, and get inspired by the video.

Read the complete documentation on DIS.PLAY

(via: DigitalUrban)

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