Inside the Political Twittersphere

Ever wondered how politicians use Twitter? Who are the most active politicians on Twitter? Who do they follow, and who follows them? Who are the political strategists and media personalities that politicians follow? And within the political Twittersphere, who follows the most people, and who follows them?

Sysomos, a social media analytics provider for corporations, marketers, public relations agencies and advertisers, has taken a close look at the political Twittersphere and now they share their insight with us. For the study, Sysomos looked at accounts that had over 5,000 followers and examined what follower/followed pattern could be spotted.


Unfortunately the quality of interaction between users on Twitter isn’t defined by the following/follower pattern. Twitter is about communication and listening, so just because two profiles are connected doesn’t necessarily mean they are interacting together. But in regard of connectivity the report looks like a solid achievement.

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