Inspirational Infographic Roundup 3

We’ve had another two great months with the WeLoveDatavis Tumblr and are happy to give you a small recap: here are some of the sweetest Infographics that can be found over there.

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  • pizzza

    Somehow I think comparison of drugs by tonnage is misleading; perhaps unit in the form of dose, or price or a scale considering physical harm and dependence would make for more sensible comparison.

  • Wiederkehr

    Good thought – but I think by weight is something better measurable than dose (may vary from person to person) or pice (may vary from dealer to dealer). But I think adding another attribute to the weight would help identify the most problematic drugs.

  • pizzza

    Good points; mine is simply that absolute values are inherently less useful. Surely 1 ton of drugs is a lot, but how much? Is that a big city's supply for a day or the entire country's supply for a week? Also, there is a lot more money, suffering and death behind 1 ton of heroin than 1 ton of marijuana.

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