Just Landed – A Twitter Visualization in Processing

Just Landed extracts travel information from Tweets and maps the journeys on a map. The map itself remeains two dimensional but the “flights” are visualized in as three dimensional  curves. A chronological order of the Tweets makes it possible to review a certain time period.

The initial thoughts for the application arose from the discussion about the spread of an epidemic. Travel information could make predictions about a possible geographical spread caused by infected travellers. The idea for the usage of Twitter as the medium was ignited by the fact that we’re using this and other social networking media on a daily basis unlike specific application mainly built for the purpose of tracking people’s movements.

Jer Thorp has crafted a good looking visualization whereas the usefulnes of the gathered insight is still to be evaluated. As much as we’re impressed by the result we love the documentation of the process of creating the applet he has published on his blog. It’s once again a complete explanation about the applications, libraries and APIs he used to scrape, process and enrich the used data.


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