Mapping the UN Security Council Resolutions

Piero Zagami has published some first impressions of a project called UNSC/R. With UNSC/R Zagami attempts to visualize data from the United Nations Securty Council Resolutions by classifying the 1794 Resolutions issued since the UN started its activity.

Official project description:

UNSC/R: this is the abbreviation for the United Nations Security Council Resolutions. These documents represent the decisions of the UN’s executive body. This massive amount of data (more than 1700 documents) doesn’t come in any organized form. The purpose of this project is to apply information design strategies to create visual maps of the Resolutions to help students in politics approach the subject of the UN.

The created visualizations as well as the lovely designed print documentation look stunning. The visualization approach lack some in-depht documentation at this point — we keep you updated as soon as more information is available. Be sure to visit his blog at Computerlove or his personal portfolio for more impressions of UNSC/R.


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