Max Gadney – Information Graphics Processes

max_gadney_03We’ve recently come across the personal blog of Max Gadney. Max is Information and Interaction Designer from London, UK and works as Commissioning Executive in BBC Vision. Prior to that he was Head of Design and Audience Insight at the BBC News website. Apart from that he’s an enthusiastic illustrator and writer for the WWII Magazine – his blog is like a sneak peek into his scrapbook.

Max shares not only the finished illustrations but more importantly his process in creating them. He talks about the decisions he made and the reasons behind them. It’s excellent to read his approach on information design that needs to communicate an idea to the reader without distracting them from reading the text beside the illustrations.

The blog also covers latest news and findings in the field of information design which makes his blog a must-read for folks intersted in infographics. We highly recommend going through some of his design explanations (like here or here) to get started with the large amount of content available.


Via Magical Nihilism

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