NBA Twitter Playoffs

Nike Basketball partnered up with the good folks from Stamen to create a new visualization for the NBA Playoffs. Post-season Twitter Playoffs compares the competing teams based on how many times their name is mentioned in the Twittersphere.


Matchup displays the current state of affairs as the height of the square representing the team. You can switch between scaling each game independently or in regard to the whole league.

Post Season Twitter Playoffs Matchup Each GamePost Season Twitter Playoffs Matchup All Games


Bracket shows the complete playoff tree with the winner / loser for each game. Again, the amount of Tweets per team decides who moves on and who is eliminated.

Post Season Twitter Playoffs BracketPost Season Twitter Playoffs Bracket Finals

In addition theres a detail page for each team with the recent Tweets in chronological order and the possibility to cheer for your favourite team. The smart thing for Nike here is that each detail page contains links to their Player profiles, team collection and news articles. this drives traffic back to the official Nike basketball site.

I am once again happy to see such good work coming from Stamen who seems to attract more and more of the big clients lately. From a business point of view, I furthermore enjoy the cross-selling (sorry for that term) ideas implemented in this application.

Let us know your opinion in the comments.

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  • Chris

    What is this? Stamen should be ashamed of themselves for producing such gratuitous work. Stamen usually brings it and produces quality work. This tells me nothing about what is actually happening in the playoffs and really lacks any depth at all. Sorry but this is a total fail.

  • Wiederkehr

    Actually the application has nothing to do with the real playoffs – As you can see in the description it's like an imaginary playoff based on Tweets. While I can agree with you on the missing depth, I think its design and execution can be appreciated.

  • Chris

    Indeed you are correct Wiederkehr, and that is all the more disappointing. I am not looking for a tool that tells me about the playoffs, nor am I looking for something that tells me who is tweeting the most about the respective teams in the playoffs. It's an add, it leverages twitter and it has no depth. I would disagree with the comment that the design and execution can be appreciated. Design should inform, good execution should illuminate. It does neither. To bad.

  • chris