New Book Sneak Preview: Data Flow 2

We’ve previously spoken about Data Flow, a collection of inspirational data visualizations packed in a beautifully crafted book from Die Gestalten Verlag. Now, Die Gestalten are ready to publish the second edition Data Flow 2 in February 2010. Here’s what you can expect.

Data Flow 2 expands the definition of contemporary information graphics. The book features new possibilities for diagrams, maps, and charts and investigates the visual and intuitive presentation of processes and data. Eight comprehensive chapters illuminate how techniques such as simplification, abstraction, metaphor, and dramatization function. The book also includes interviews with experts such as the New York Times’s Steve Duenes and ART+COM’s Joachim Sauter about the challenges in creating effective work.

The Data Flow Series is targeted to people seeking for inspiration and unconvential representations of information. It should not be misconceived as a guide or textbook. Nonetheless, I recommend it anyway to anybody interested in information visualization—if nothing else, you’ll be visually indulged at least.

Data Flow 2 on Die Gestalten Verlag
Thanks to ChrizS for the hint!

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