Notabilia Visualizes Deletion Discussions on Wikipedia

To celebrate Wikipedia’s 10th Birthday Notabilia investigates the “Article for Deletion” discussions by the editors. The two interactive visualizations show the 100 longest discussions about articles that eventually got kept or deleted.

The team behind Notabilia, Moritz Stefaner, Dario Taraborelli and Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia explain the concept behind the visual representation:

AfD discussions are represented by a thread starting at the bottom center. Each time a user joins an AfD discussion and recommends to keep, merge, or redirect the article a green segment leaning towards the left is added. Each time a user recommends to delete the article a red segment leaning towards the right is added. As the discussion progresses, the length of the segments as well as the angle slowly decay.

The work on Notabilia revealed some interesting facts that can be found on For more information about the development, I recommend reading Moritz Stefaner’s related blogpost.

Notabilia Visualizes Deletion Discussions on Wikipedia Moritz Stefaner is a freelance information visualizer based in Worpswede, Germany. Find out more about his works on

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