Now that’s one tasty Pie Chart

Are you eating right?
The Wheel of Nutrition is a dining plate that reminds us of the fundamental values of nutrition.

Obesity is a severe problem in some of todays commuities. Using visualization to support healthier eating habits is a great opportunity to ignite change in this area. The plate collection “Wheel of Nutrition” created by Hafsteinn Juliusson, Rui Pereira and Joana Pais, is one attempt to tackle this problem.

Wheel of NutritionWheel of NutritionWheel of Nutrition

I think we all agree that the charts are rather jokey than scientific — pizza slice-shaped steak, anyone? Nonetheless I like the idea behind it even if the execution fails to convey useful information.

Are there any working examples of information visualization to support a healty diet beside the standard facts table? I would love to see examples of compelling ingredients tables, nutrition facts and the likes.

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