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obama-onepeople_01The senseable lab from MIT has published the OBAMA | ONE PEOPLE project. The aim was to analyze the behaviour of a city during a special event or a sudden emergency. The team lead by Andrea Vaccari apporached this task by analyzing information coming from the telecommunication infrastructure. This includes mobile phone networks, which they consider to be a nervous system for the city, and which in turn has the potential to provide useful and rich information and services to citizens.

The result of the project are two animations of the days before and after the inauguration event.

The City

The City illustrates the emotional flow of the Presidential Inauguration in Washington, D.C. Through an analysis of the number of mobile phone calls made in Washington D.C. on Inauguration Day and the home state or country of phone origin, it is possible to see peaks of call activity as the crowd anticipates President Obama’s oath, a drop in call activity as the crowd listens to his inaugural address, and peaks again as the crowd celebrates the inauguration of the new President.

The City 2The City 3

The World

The World reveals the international nature of Inauguration Day. It represents the variation in call activity among US States and foreign countries as flows of people traveling to Washington, D.C. to celebrate President Obama, and then departing the capital to go back home.

The World Screenshot 1The World Screenshot 2

The documentation consists of a general introduction to the project, a description and analysis to each visualization and an extensive explanation about the data anaysis. The team reports several interesting findings in the raw data that may surprise some of the readers.

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