Open data mapped on StumbleSafely

StumbleSafely is a web based application that helps DC based bar goers to return back home safely. The website’s main feature is a map mashing up geo located crime data with local bars, pubs and lounges. A quick view on the map shows the user the safest places to go out and have a drink. The user can choose from daytime, evening and night data. The map is a customized version with markers for the locations and a heatmap-like overlay. Details can be made visible using a simple “hover over” interaction model.

StumbleSafely was built for the Apps for Democracy competition. The purpose of the competition is to show what’s possible when governments open up city data so people can use it how they’d like on websites like this.

With this website, we’re using data from DC Crime Data, DC Road Polygons, DC Liquor Licenses, DC Water Polygons, DC Parks, and DC Metro Stations.

eric_development_seedEric Gundersen, president of Developement Seed has given an elaborate interview on the O’Reilly Radar. There’s a written version as well as a Podcast available which I highly recommend. The talk is mainly about the use of open data and StumbleSafely is taken as a example for usage of open government data.


We really enjoy the use of public available data and the approach that is used by StumbleSafely to present the data on a map. From a visualization perspective the map and displayed data could be optimized using a broader interaction model: dynamic data material, zooming, paning, filtering and searching could provide the user with a bigger toolset to analyze the data. But nontheless this application makes a great example for a user-friendly and easy to grasp information display.

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