Daniel Becker has published his 2009 diploma thesis RANDOM WALK at the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz, Germany.

What does randomness look like? RANDOM WALK asks this question and presents experiments in mathematics and physics, showing the mysterious interaction of chaos and order in randomness.
The project RANDOM WALK simulates randomness in visualizations, which are easy to understand. In this way, it delivers insight into a phenomenon, which has so far remained unexplained.

Daniel investigates randomness in various topics. Ten sheets explain the phenomena of randomness in mathematics and physics – four focus on all-day randomness and the quality of pseudo random number generators. The thesis consist of a plethora of different visualization approaches but always stays focused on a high visual aesthetic.


The project and it’s documentation are created with much love to detail and a distinct look & feel. We highly recommend having a look at the entire documentation at www.random-walk.com.

Hat tip to @herrstucki

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