Real Estate Data on Steroids

Powered by the big announcement from the Open blog, we’re looking at visualizations using Real Estate data. The New York Times today released the Real Estate API providing percentiles and counts for real estate listings and sales in New York City.

The dataset contains listings from 2007–present and sales from 2003–2008. The listings come with a delay of one day.

As usual the documentation for the API provided by the Developer Network is well put together with an extensive list of examples. Thus stepping into the real estate data game with the NY Times API should be straight forward.

Best practices

One of our favourite visualization crafters, the SF based design studio Stamen, has done some excellent work in the field of Real Estate. In cooperation with Trulia they have created a series of interactive applets that are gathered at Trulia Explore.

The Trulia Hindsight – an animated and interactive display of the Trulia database is focused on emerging patterns of expansion and development through home construction dates.


Trulia Snapshot incooperates more photography to searching on a map. With a sleek search and filter interface the application soon become very addictive.


Trulia Searchpath explores the relation between location based on searches by the same person. In other words city get connected if a person searches in one city and then in the other one. Once patterns emerge we can identify certain qualities that may be similar in both cities.

For those interested in the Trulia dataset, they are providing an API as well to get you started. No matter if you choose the NY focused NY Times API or the all-american Trulia API or any other API or database be sure to let us know with what you came up.

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