Should You Work for Free?

Jessica Hische has created this lovely flowchart that makes it easier for creatives to decide whether they should work for free or not. As you may have guessed, the answer is “No” for most cases but there are some exceptions to this rule. You just got to love Jessica’s honesty in answers like this:

Did they promise you “exposure” or “a good portfolio piece”?
➔ This is the most toxic line of bullshit anyone will ever feed you.

The flowchart is completely crafted in HTML / CSS and can be translated using Google Translate. You can also download the JPG version or wait for the prints to come.

Should You Work for Free? Jessica Hische is a Brooklyn based designer, illustrator and typographer — find more of her works on

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  • Jeff

    This is flat-out awesome!

  • Moby_

    I think she´s not a good typgrapher…

    • Me

      I think you are not in doin decent comments…

    • Wiederkehr

      Please keep comments focused on the visualization at hand. While I appreciate your opinion, I encourage you to offer more precise and constructive criticism.


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