Skimming 2,000 Ideas

GE has published the submissions to their recent Ecomagination Challenge. Instead of an ordered list, they created an interactive visualization that allows a more playful way of browsing through the submitted 2000+ ideas.

The Challenge

GE’s Ecomagination Challenge is a $200 million call to action for businesses, entrepreneurs, innovators, and students to share their best ideas and come together to take on one of the world’s toughest challenges – building the next-generation power grid to meet the needs of the 21st century. Learn more here.

The Visualization

All submitted ideas are plotted as dots on a map with concentric rings, similar to tree-rings. The earlier an ideas has been submitted the closer it is placed to the center. You can interact with the map to see all ideas by spinning the circle around. The dots are scaled based on reader votes and they are surrounded by a halo that represents the amounts of comments. Ideas are color coded by category (Create Power, Connect Power and Use Power) to help you skim through the visualization.

To get more information about an idea, you can select it and you get a small preview. On the linked project page you can see the complete description, vote and comment on the idea.

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