Sound Mapping in New York City

New York Mapping by Mark Edward Campos investigates the context around a site. It helps to understand the goings on, in a 24-hour timeframe of an area in New York City.

The center of the graphic is the site Mark and his colleagues investigated. The circular strokes are the times that businesses are open over a 24 hour period. They are color-coded by type (cafe, bar, dance club, park and gym), and the distance from the center shows their real planar distance from the researched site. The length of each stroke represents the time that each business is open daily, on an implied 24-hour clock, with midnight at the top of the circle and noon at the bottom.

New York Mapping

The “gaze” and “energy” charts of the map attempt to take a stance on what people are trying to achieve by going to each place. For the videos Mark captured background sound of each place to communicate its ambience.

Sound Mapping in New York City This work was created by Mark Edward Campos, an Architecture student at California College of the Arts in San Francisco.

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