The Afghan Conflict – Possible Scenarios Visualized

The Afghan Conflict – A Map of Possible Scenarios is the collaboration work of Pierre la Baume, Karen Hentschel and Marc Tiedemann. It was initiated by the lecture Politikvisualisierung in winter 2009/2010 at the Fachhochschule Potsdam.

The map is the attempt of a summary of the most popular possible scenarios around the afghan conflict, according to a pullout or stay of the Allied troops. And is based on interviews with journalists, politicians and political foundations.

The Concept

The Afghan Conflict – A Map of Possible Scenarios starts with the current Timeline, a single line on the map. Which then splits into more and more possible future scenarios currently discussed. The scenarios split and join, or lead to other ones according to events that may take place or decisions made. The design is pure and minimalistic, using only lines and typographic elements, which does not resemble the ugliness of a war, but helps understanding a complex structure of problems without being visually manipulated by polemic images.

Afghan ConflictAfghan Conflict

Find a zoomable version of the map along with more detailed information about the background of great work on

The Afghan Conflict – Possible Scenarios Visualized This work was submitted by Marc Tiedemann. While his personal website is curretly under reconstruction, you can find more of his work on

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