The Champions Ring

Deroy Peraza from Hyperakt has been working on a follow-up project to the World Cup poster they published in 2010. The Champions Ring is a huge set of sports championships visualizations using radial brackets. The collection features 427 radial brackets (and counting) for the big 5 major leagues in the United States (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS), the Football (read Soccer) Champions League, the Euro and the World Cup. Fine art prints of the posters can be ordered on demand from Curioos.

You just got to love the effort and inspiration Pereza put into this project:

I’ve loved sports since I was a little kid. It wasn’t just that I loved the games, I loved the numbers, the history and the team colors. I spent endless hours memorizing stats and drawing interpretations of team logos. I dreamed of being able to see the history of sports, and each team’s legacy within it, at a glance. I’ve granted my 10-year-old self that wish with The Champions Ring.

The Champions Ring Deroy Peraza is Principal and Creative Director of the Brooklyn based design firm Hyperakt that strives for meaningful design for the common good.

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  • ram

    this is a really beautiful way of capturing the games! loved it.

  • KK

    Can probably improve this viz by slicing the pie pieces to convey the balance of the series, for example if Rangers beat Devils in 4 game sweep, then their pie piece should be much bigger than Devils leading to the next ring of the pie be Rangers.