The Evolution of the Web

The folks over at Google Chrome  have teamed up with Hyperakt and Vizzuality to put together the 2011 version of the Evolution of the Web visualization. It’s an interactive timeline that shows how the current web technologies have evolved over time. The color bands in the visualization represent the interaction between web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and WebGL and browsers that we use daily. Screenshots from past versions of todays browsers are a nice addition (Mosaic 1.0 anyone?). As you would expect, it’s all built using purely open web technologies and the data is provided by Wikipedia and CanIUse.

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  • Sébastien Pérot

    Design-wise, it’s all good.

    About content, I was expecting to see on which engine other browsers are based on, similar to the evolution of unix-like OS and linux distributions, which minor browsers have been developed based on others, all of those on which platforms, and how popular they are. A few popular browser are missing, such as Chromium, Konqueror. But I understand this is mostly a product from Google, to promote Chrome…

    The tooltip leading to Wikipedia is a bit harsh in a sense where you are on a visualisation where the eye is pleased and you expect to see a short demonstration of, for example, the pretty designs that can be achieved using CSS3 without leaving the site.

    But this is still nice to see, especially the fact that is not based on Flash. 

    Seeing this timeline made me think Google should definitely allow non-restrictive but intelligent visual customisation of Chrome (other than the inpector via the provided style sheets): All the 13 versions look the same.

    • Benjamin Wiederkehr

      Thanks for your thoughts, Sébastien. I agree with you that the data density could have been improved. Giving the fact that the user can interact with the visualization, some more details on demand would be a nice improvement.

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