The Life Cycle of the British Government

The Life Cycle of the British Government is part of a statistical investigation into the British Government since 1979. It focuses on the Conservative Government under Thatcher and Major, and the current New Labour Government.

The basis of the project is the two party colours – red for Labour, blue for the Conservatives.


The box contains:

  1. Two booklets of statistical visualisation and analysis of the two governments.
  2. A folded piece displaying the fluctuating popularity of the two parties over this period.
  3. Another folded piece displaying the results of a long-running Ipsos MORI survey, in which members of the public were asked what they thought were the most important political issues of the day. Each bar represents an issue. The darker the bar is, the more people identified that issue as being important.
  4. Dot-pattern cards representing the makeup of the House of Commons after each General Election.
  5. A series of photographs.

I am really loving the graphic design quality of the material and the clean visualizations that are clear and easy to digest.


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