Top 200 Twitterers on a scatterplot

The Dolores Labs Team looked at how people would judge strangers by their twitter feeds. The Dolores Labs Blog describes how they approach and realized the task:

“We took the top 200 twitterers from and asked people on Amazon Mechanical Turk to judge how smart, interesting, trustworthy, etc. they thought they were.”

The visualization is a scatterplot of the names of the 200 “tested” twitteres. The x-axis shows the range from unentertaining to very entertaining. The y-axis describes the smartness of their tweets from dumb to smart.

In the comments Justin Wehr asks for an additional information layer: the popularity of the analyzed people. This could be achieved on the z-axis, size of the names or perhaps alpha-transparency. We think this would bring could bring some more correlations to the table.


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