Travel Time and Housing Prices Map

MIG Inc. teamed up with the folks at Stamen Design for a series of interactive maps for the One Bay Area project. The first map in this series, the Travel Time and Housing Prices map, shows the relationship between travel time for different modes of transit, and housing prices in the bay area.

Let’s say you’re looking for a place to live in the San Francisco area. First, you start by entering your office address — let’s use the Stamen studios on Mission Street as an example. Then select how you’d like to travel between your home and work place — how about to go on foot? Consequentially, the travel time doesn’t have any effect, so let’s leave it blank. Ultimately select how long you’re willing to walk and how much you can afford to pay for your residence. As you make your selection the map updates immediately indicating which areas fit your needs.

The principles behind the visualization is similar to Stamen’s work on the MySociety Travel Time Maps and a more recent project called Mapnificient by StefanWehrmeyer that is heavily inspired by the MySociety project Mapumental. As a sidenote: the map is created using GeoIQ which looks like a pretty interesting set of mapping applications.

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