Turn Your Location Into Jewelry With Meshu

Meshu is a way to turn location data into physical objects. Simply map a series of places and the fine folks behind the application turn that into a beautiful piece of custom jewelry. Even easier is to connect directly with Foursquare and Meshu automagically generates pieces featuring places you’ve checked in. The project has been created by Rachel Binx and Sha Hwang, both are based in San Francisco (also, both had worked or still work at Stamen).

We’re interested in how data becomes physical, and making personalized artifacts. We’re also interested in keeping the connection between the object and the information alive — each meshu you make has a unique url. What’s been really great too has been talking to friends who have made their own. People tell us the stories behind their meshus, and will flip or rotate them until they are correct.

So if you’re looking to treat your nerdy significant other, give Meshu a spin. I am pretty pleased with the piece of my Eyeo Festival 2011 checkins in Minneapolis!

Turn Your Location Into Jewelry With Meshu Rachel Binx is data visualizer, mathematician and designer working at Stamen and Sha Hwang is data visualizer and designer working at Trulia.

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