Visualizations at Facebook Developer Conference

f8, this year’s Facebook Developer Conference was filled with new announcements. Beside the controversial unified open graph and the new social plugins there were a few things that caught my eye.

Mark Zuckerberg Keynote

Keynote slides

The keynote slides featured illustrations using the open graph as a metaphor to display some of Facebook’s application icons. It took me some time to find the source of the visualizations but finally I found out about the involvement of Bernard Barry. He describes the work behind the illustrations as follows:

We started working on it in January talking with Mark Zuckerberg and Chris Cox about the conceptual direction and what they wanted to communicate. We ended up talking a lot about personal identity and the transformative power of a unified open graph of the world. […] We spent a lot of time thinking about how we could communicate the power of the graph through imagery, we wanted show that the graph is everywhere and can be everything.

f8 Posters 1f8 Posters 2

f8 Presence

With an experiment from the Facebook Hackaton, the people behind the event took the concept of check-ins one step further. Using near field technology they were able to publish interactions directly to Facebook. Everett Katigbak from the Facebook design team explaines:

Facebook Presence is an experiment with RFID technology integrated with the Facebook platform. Attendees would link the tags with their Facebook accounts and interact with different kiosks to publish various interactions back to their profile. The idea is to bring Facebook into the real world and create a lightweight way to share information with your friends.

f8 Presence Technologyf8 Presence Wall 1f8 Presence Wall 2The collected data was then used to power a huge 80′ x 20′ video wall showing the path of people from reader to reader as well as a schedule of upcoming events. Lee Byron replicated the well-known visualization from the movie War Games where a computer would plays Tic Tac Toe agains itself and never wins.

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  • Wiederkehr

    I received a kind update about the creator of the checkin application. Wayne Fan ( is the programmer that visualized the RFID checkins with Processing.

    Thanks, Ben!