Visualizing Gender Stereotypes

Valentina D’Efilippo, an italian designer residing in London has published her self-initiated research project “Visualizing gender stereotypes. Valentina’s description goes:

“Visualizing gender stereotypes” is a personal research into gender stereotypes focusing on how children become aware of these and how they receive stereotyped messages through visual communication. I chose this topic because we all are daily influenced – positively or negatively – by stereotypes.

I am well aware of the complex nature of the field of stereotypes, and with this project I aim not to provide any conclusions to this issue, nor to break stereotypes completely. As a graphic designer I merely want to demonstrate an alternative approach to this topic and to emphasise my point of view concerning gender equality.

The outcome are two nicely crafted books:

  1. Visualizing gender stereotypes” illustrates the findings collected during a workshop, which was conducted in an Italian summer school with 42 children.
  2. Sam: Breaking gender Stereotypes” aims to communicate a positive message on gender equality through diversity. As a result of the info-design project, this book provides a response to children’s ideas of gender and offers them an image of genders without stereotypes.


From a data visualizer standpoint we would have to point out some difficulties with the charts and diagrams at hand. The playful look and feel may not suite analytical needs but in the context of the whole project, the visualizations correlate both to the content as well as to a big part of the target audience—the children themselves.

More impressions can be viewed on Valentina’s website along with a digitalized version of the first book.

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  • Jim

    Very interesting topic and very nicely executed

  • Jim

    Very interesting topic and very nicely executed

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  • Ben

    Where can I buy this book? I need this book.