Visualizing Geometrical Complexity

Peter Crnokrak from The Luxury of Protest has recently released a great visualization called Real Magick in Theory and Practise. It’s a poster of the 421 polytope — one of the most geometrically complex structures in mathematics.

Believed to be the most geometrically complex and aesthetically beautiful structure in mathematics, the 421 polytope is the algebraic form at the centre of a universal theory of everything. Originally described in the late 19th century, 421 models all interactions and transformations between known and postulated sub-atomic particles. The theory is an attempt to reconcile one of the fundamental unsolved problems in physics: unify quantum physics and gravitation in hopes of ultimately explaining the fabric of the universe.

The visualization was hand drawn in Illustrator to an accuracy of 1/10,000 of a millimeter. The poster is a minimalistic composition focused on the accurate representation of the 421 polytope and can be ordered on Peter’s website. The sophisticated print consists of silk screen print matte black on glass clear plastic with hand-applied 23 carat rouge gold foil and gold powder gilding.

Visualizing Geometrical Complexity The Luxury of Protest is a communications consultancy and experimental design platform founded by Peter Crnokrak.

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