Most Important Risks 2010? WEF Knows It.

The Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland will take place this weekend from January 27th to 31st. To examine some of the most important topics in advance the WEF website hosts the interactive application Risks Interconnection Map 2010. The RIM 2010 is a network visualization weighting the most important global risks and their connections.

WEF Risk Interconnection Map 2010

The risks are grouped in Economics, Geopolitics, Environment, Society and Technology (Personally, I am dissappointed by the evanescent of focus on the Environment). The interaction model is very limited and reduced to selecting risks and viewing more details about the selected interconnections. With the underlying dataset, I could imagine a more powerful tool to reveal formerly invisible interconnections.

Visit the WEF Risks Interconnection Map 2010

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