WikiWeb is a live, graphic visualization of Wikipedia designed and coded by Anthony Mattox using Processing. The project reconsiders how a user browses the web by creating a visual representation which is not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing. Wikipedia is an appropriate subject as it is a celebration of our knowledge as a global community, and presents that information in a structure of both unbounded complexity and interconnectedness. This structure, invisible to the casual browser, is represented directly with this program.


The application gathers all the documents that are linked on a page from Wikipedia and represents them as a dot. The dots are connected by a line of there’s an interlinkage. The dots reorganize themself after a while in a organic manner which makes it very visually intruiging.

Anthony released the source code under a Creative Commons Licence (by-nc-sa 3.0). We’re very pleased to see this kind of openness becoming more and more a standard.

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