A Thousand Milieus

A Thousand Milieus A Thousand Milieus

Berlin based designer and programmer Christopher Warnow had a closer look at the interest graph between people reading the same books. Read more

Seattle Band Map

Seattle Band Map Seattle Band Map

The Seattle Band Map is a project that showcases the Pacific Northwest's vibrant music scene by documenting the thousands of bands who have performed and recorded throughout the decades. Read more

Visualizing the Egyptian Revolution

Visualizing the Egyptian Revolution Visualizing the Egyptian Revolution

Two visualizations strive to shed light upon the Egyptian uprising that began on 25 January 2011 and demanded the overthrow of the regime of Hosni Mubarak. While they take a different view, both pair the happenings with the reactions of people on the web. Read more

Fizz, A Social Network Visualization

Fizz, A Social Network Visualization Fizz, A Social Network Visualization

Fizz is a social network visualization that provides a playful view on your own social graph and what's currently happening. It's one of the first two projects of the new visualization super group called Bloom. Read more

Relationship Matters

Relationship Matters Relationship Matters

Valentina Defilippo has published her studies of social network structures and the nature of the connections between nodes. Through five case studies she strived to investigate various ways of representing the links between nodes in her personal social network, focusing on various aspects of the relationships: time, affections, space, conversations, emotions. Read more

Digging for Images with Google Image Swirl

Digging for Images with Google Image Swirl

Google just released a new Google Labs project called Image Swirl. It is a visual search engine for images built to explore search queries from different visual perspectives. Read more

Students’ Insurrection Visualized

Students’ Insurrection Visualized

Walter Rafelsberger has created an interesting and playful Twitter visualization over at Metaportal der Medienpolemik. He combined a timelined visualization with spring-like animation of related Tweets. The overall visual design may be rather bare-bones but the animation creates a hypnotizing effect. Read more

Warp from Video to Video

Warp from Video to Video

YouTube has created a Flash based application called Warp to browser through videos in a more visual way. Similar to DiggSwarm videos are visualized as a network of springs and related videos appear when the user hovers over the circular thumbnail. Read more



As a follow up to the Links Project I've discovered a project that really visualizes a links network, the links network to be exact. Kunal Anand has created Looks Delicious – a collection of visualizations for different Delicious users that display their tagging behaviour. Read more

Links Project

Links Project

Russian designer Tatiana Plakhova has published a small set of images and a short video from a project entitled "Links Project". While information about the thoughts and processes behind it are sparse what we saw so far looks astounding… but see for yourself. Read more

How Twitter got Attacked By A DDoS

How Twitter got Attacked By A DDoS

Today Twitter was down for some time which led to quite a bit confusion and discussion. What happened? The consensus is that it was a DDoS that caused the downtime of the poular social network. Back in 2007 WIRED has created a visualization on how a Denial of Service attack works. Read more

6 Gorgeous Twitter Visualizations

Mashable has a small list of 6 Twitter visualizations — some more focused on the network others more on the communication. Read more

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