Information Visualization Manifesto by Manuel Lima

Manuel Lima from the beloved has published a very valuable article about the practice of information visualization on the VC blog. Entitled as "Information Visualization Manifesto" Mr. Lima lays out some basic principles for the work on data and information visualizations. Read more

DataViz Salon at Stamen Offices

Michael from Data Evolution has writen a comprehensive blogpost about the DataViz Salon held at the Stamen office in San Francisco. In the post he reviews the four talks given that night. The topics of the talks were Stamen's approach on how to map data, the Open Source Javascript library Protovis, datavisualization as Hypothesis and the good folks from UUorld offered some insights to their product. Read more

Data visualization is a tool, too!

Data visualization is a tool, too!

A common conception is that data visualizations should be understandable by everyone because – in contrast to a multi-page scientific text – it is their purpose to be easily readable. Our contributing author Peter believes that this may be an unnecessary restriction we put on ourselves. Read more

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