ASK KEN™ – Visual Knowledge Browser

ASK KEN™ is sort of a Node-Link diagram that allows to visually navigate through interconnected topics provided by the Freebase Service. It takes advantage of the latest HTML5 features by using the canvas element for drawing the graph dynamically.

AKS KEN is basically a textual search engine and the matching entires from Freebase are visualized as a ring chart. The user can then drill down the wedges and unveil related ring charts. Images and a textual description to each topic are shown in a separate drawer on the right hand side.

Considering the the cutting edge technology used for this and the open available datasource it’s hard to say that I am not biased in favour of Quasipartikels newest toy. The mind behind the production is Michael Aufreiter with the support of Samo Korošec in regards of the visual design. As a superb addition Michael made the source code available on GITHub—great effort!


It remains to say that there are indeed some interface issues that could still need some polish. Also for an unexperienced user some sort of starting point would be nice to have.

See ASK KEN™ – Visual Knowledge Browser in action

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