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Google today released a new tool that will make learning and testing code for Google’s Javascript APIs a lot easier. Google’s interactive AJAX API Playground gives developers an easy to use interface to write some basic Javascript code for Google’s eight Javascript APIs (Maps, Search, Feeds, Calendar, Visualization, Language, Blogger, Libraries, and Earth).

For visualization enthusiasts the Visualization API will be the most interesting to explore and experiment with. The Visualization API lets you load varous visualization methods and populate them with your data. The data could come from inside the code itself or even from a Spreadsheet hosten on Google Docs. Let’s leave the description up to Google:

“The Google Visualization API lets you access multiple sources of structured data that you can display, choosing from a large selection of visualizations. Google Visualization API enables you to expose your own data, stored on any data-store that is connected to the web, as a Visualization compliant datasource. Thus you can create reports and dashboards as well as analyze and display your data through the wealth of available visualization applications. The Google Visualization API also provides a platform that can be used to create, share and reuse visualizations written by the developer community at large.”


Learn more about the available methods from the official API Documentation or start playing with the API Playground.

We are very pleased that Google is supporting the developers with this kind of tools. The more we can take the pain out of programming the visualization the more the developers are willing to integrate compelling and supportive visualizations into applications, dashboard and websites.

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