Search Results as tabular data

Search Results as tabular data

Google just recently released another useful Google Labs product called Google Squared. It's basically a search engine that organizes the search results as tabular data by finding similar attributes. Although the engine aims to deliver a perfect match, Google Squared also acts like a research tool where you can collect and refine your findings. Read more

Yahoo! Placemaker

Yahoo! Placemaker

Yahoo released a new API called Placemaker on the Where 2.0 conference. Placemaker aims to help making applications and services location aware. Read more

Draw your visualization on canvas!

Primer.js is a tiny JavaScript library that simplifies the workflow of creating graphics right in the HTML using the <canvas> object. Simply create a Primer() object in a DIV of your choice and then you’re ready to start drawing. The library provides some basic shapes right away like curveTo, roundedRect and provides also interaction functionality […] Read more

O3D – an open-source API for 3D applications

O3D – an open-source API for 3D applications

Google recently introduced the O3D project on Google Code. The main objective of the project is to develop a new, shader-based, low-level graphics API for creating interactive 3D applications in a web browser. Read more

10 Useful Flash Components for Graphing Data

Jacob Gube from Six Revisions has put together a nice list of 10 useful Adobe Flash libraries to display interactive data visualization. He’s covering the more “traditional” libraries to produce basic charts like pie, bar or line charts. There are some solutions out there that allow a more flexible way to display data but require […] Read more

Axiis – Visualization Framework

Axiis is a new visualization framework based on Flex and AS 3.0. I recommend reading Tom’s extensive post about the creation of the framework. Visit Form-Function for more details. (Via HerrStucki) Read more

175+ Data Visualization Resources

Meryl Evans has collected a very extensive list of resources covering datavisualization in a wide range of aspects. The links are grouped by examples, blogs and resources and there are most of the important ones listed. Read more

18 Tools for data visualization

Lisa Spiro from DiRT created a excellent list of 18 tools to visualize data. Read more

Drawing vector graphics with Raphaël JS

Raphaël is a small JavaScript library that should simplify your work with vector graphics on the web. If you want to draw Charts, Scatterplots, Timelines or other visualzations in your HTML document this library could come in handy. Use it's animations and interactions methods to create more engaging visualizations that you could using the Google Charts API for example. Read more

20 useful visualization libraries

Todd Holloway from A Beautiful WWW, has posted a great collection of 20 visualization libraries for various platforms. From AntGrain for C++ to Ubigraph for Python, Java, C, and more. He also covered some online services where you can visualize your data without even touching your favourite code editor. Read more

Start building a ModestMaps application with ease

Start building a ModestMaps application with ease

We're proud to introduce you to a small project we've developed in the past weeks: MM Construct . It's a base application for any Flash AS3 project that uses the excellent ModestMaps library to help you get up and running quickly with your own visualization projects. Read more

Google API Playground

Google API Playground

Google today released a new tool that will make learning and testing code for Google's Javascript APIs a lot easier. Google's interactive AJAX API Playground gives developers an easy to use interface to write some basic Javascript code for Google's eight Javascript APIs (Maps, Search, Feeds, Calendar, Visualization, Language, Blogger, Libraries, and Earth). Read more

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To successfully visualize your ideas you need adequate tools. Pencil and paper for basic ideas. Pixel or Vector graphics for more precision. Scripting languages for interactive visualizations. Serverside data processing for dynamic or real-time visualizations. To give you an overview over the best tools available we introduce libraries, applications, web services and so on.

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