Publish Your Visualized Data With Tableau Public

Tableau Software today launched a new product that brings public data to life on the web. Tableau Public lets anyone who posts content to the web easily create interactive visualizations and publish them online.

How it works

Tableau Public is a freely available desktop application and can be downloaded from the website. The data can be visualized from multiple text or spreadsheet file formats. A visualization can be as simple as a single chart or as complex as an interactive dashboard application. I had a short introduction to the user interface and it seemed to solve some problems that its competitors struggle with. Tableau Public focuses on the data first and then suggests adequate visualization methods. Thus helping unexperienced users choose the right chart.

Bringing visualizations to the web

Everything you publish with the application is stored on the Tableau Public servers and is publicly accessible through the website. This is important to keep in mind while visualizing sensitive data. Also, there’s a 50MB online storage limit. The visualizations are composed with pure HTML, CSS and JS and can be embedded using a short JavaScript snippet.

I really enjoy the development we see with open data and the available tools to create meaningful visualizations. The approach that such a tool can be used for free as long as the created visualizations are freely accessible, is exemplary.

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