Use iGoogle as a Data Dashboard

Ever had the need to communicate data clearly without having to distribute the raw data? Maybe by quickly include an interactive chart in a webpage? Then FusionCharts Google Gadget maybe the perfect solution for you.

Created by the FusionCharts Team, FusionCharts Google Gadgets are an easy and effortless way to visualize data on any webpage. The Google Gadgets are based on Adobe Flash technology and the FusionCharts platform. Unlike the FusionCharts platform, the Google Gadgets are for free. The configuration happens on a dedicated interface giving you plenty of possibilities to create the clearest visualization of your data. The Gadged can then be easily included in a webpage, your iGoogle or Google Desktop.

The workflow as described by the FusionCharts Team:

Using FusionCharts Google Gadget, you can plot a variety of charts, ranging from the simple 2D charts to complex 3D charts. Each chart can be generated with the same ease of use. All you need to do is visually configure your chart, enter data, and finally copy-paste the generated code to your blog/web page. No need to get your hands dirty with any sort of programming or coding.


The FusionCharts Google Gadgets are suited to be used with static data. If you need a solution for dynamic data you might want to have a look at the excellent FusionCharts platform. The commercial platform supports over 75 chart types and 200 maps for your webapplication.

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