Visualize Data in HTML5 with HumbleFinance

Humble software development released a new visualization library called HumbleFinance. It is visually and functionally inspired by the Domestic Trends visualization of Google Finance. Unlike Google’s version, which uses Flash, it is written entirely in JavaScript and uses HTML5’s canvas tag, so no Plug-In is required to display the visualization.

Although the HumbleFinance graph is especially suited to display financial time series, any two two-dimensional sets of numerical data which share an axis can be displayed.

The graph is divided in three areas: On top a section of the data sets can be compared side by side. At the bottom an overview over one data set is displayed. It also supports full interactivity, i.e. hovering over a data point in the demo shows connected points and the associated data. You can also scrub through the timeline and zoom the section of the data.

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  • columbus bankruptcy lawyers

    Humblefinance is a great indicator for various finance data and it’s much more lighter compare to Google’s trend visualization.

  • dui lawyer

    humblefinance is a piece of junk. ive used it for like ten minutes and it gave me a headache