Working with Processing & Google Spreadsheets

Jer Thorp from has published some screenshots and a brief description from one of his newest projects “Flu Genomics”. While there isn’t much information available yet about the tool itself, Jer has put together an excellent explanation about the working process he used for this project.


The building blocks of the developement are Processing as the scripting language and Google Spreadsheets as the database. I’m currently also working with Google Spreadsheets so I was pleased to see that others share my thoughts about it’s advantages:

  • Handles large datasets with ease
  • The dataset is syncronized immediately, thus no need for keeping multiple files updated
  • The dataset is editable simultaneously
  • Provides the client with a familiar interface to edit the data
  • No need for keeping multiple files updated
  • Well documented API

I highly recommend to read the full article as it provides detailled information about accessing Spreadsheets using Processing. Jer also shares the source code as he already did for the NYTimes API or the Guardian Open Platform.

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