Yahoo! Placemaker

placemaker_logoYahoo released a new API called Placemaker at the Where 2.0 conference (see Google‘s newly published API). Placemaker aims to help making applications and services location aware. The official description reads:

Yahoo! Placemaker is a geoparsing web service that provides third-party developers the means to geo-enrich content at scale. The service identifies, disambiguates, and ‘extracts’ places from unstructured and structured textual content: web pages, RSS (and Atom) feeds, news articles, blog posts, ad tiles and creatives, status updates, and similar.

The service is not a geocoder – it rather enriches unstructured and atomic content. The API is capable of parsing geodata from plaintext as well as elements in HTML or XML documents. Furthermore it speaks the language of Microformats and understands the geo and adr tags.

For more information see the documentation, apply for a application ID or have a look at an example. Read ReadWriteWeb’s coverage or ProgrammableWeb’s API profile about the service for more information.

Via ReadWriteWeb & ProgrammableWeb

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